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Splog Get Major Blog Buzz

Posted in General Splog News by Toivo Lainevool on the October 17th, 2005

It seems like many popular bloggers picked this weekend to get fed up with splogs.

Check out all the action:

Tim Bray has two posts, Splogs and Splogsplosion , the later of which concludes “Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I think we have an emergency on our hands.”

Chris Pirillo starts of with Google: Kill Blogspot Already!!! and gets a response from Google that makes it sound like they just discovered this problem: “Just wanted to let you know I brought up your post internally. We’ll be doing something about it shortly. Sorry for the trouble it caused you and thanks for bringing it up!” That doesn’t sound very promising

Jeff Jarvis get angry and says “Google needs to both fix Blogspot and share its secrets for ignoring blogspam” with his post: F the Spam Bloggers

A post by Dave Winer (who just sold weblogs.com, the blog pinging service, to Verisign) shows some promise: “Good news about that, I had lunch with Niall Kennedy at Technorati on Thursday, in SF, and we’re going to do some work to help get better data to flow into Technorati.”

I’m glad to see this finally getting a lot of attention.

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