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Take Action!

A list of things you can do to help fight splog. Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

Report Splog to SplogReporter.com

SplogReporter.com was created for "good willed" bloggers to report splog in an effort to help to clean up the blogosphere of splog.

Splog Reporter : Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time.

Report Splog to SplogSpot.com

SplogSpot is a splog blacklisting service. You can help build the splog blacklist by submitting splogs.

Report Splogs using AdSense to Google.

From JenSense:

If you see a site violating the AdSense terms, you can now file an anonymous spam report that will get to the quality team for checking. To file a report, you simply go to the page that is showing AdSense ads and click on the "Ads by Google" (or "Ads by Goooooogle") link. In the form on the next page, include the term "spamreport" and put in a short reason about why you feel the site is violating the AdSense terms or policies. You can also enter your own email address, if you wish, then click submit.

Report splogs on Blogger.com

Blogger has a “Flag as Objectionable” button that can be used to report splogs.

Blogger says that "When a person visiting a blog clicks the “Flag?” button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal". They go on to say "For more serious cases, such as spam blogs or sites engaging in illegal activity, we will continue to enforce our existing policies (removing content and deleting accounts when necessary)".

Report Fake Domains to the Whois Data Problem Report System

Any domain which has inaccurate or fake data can be reported to the InterNIC Whois Data Problem Report System. Sploggers often use fake information in their domain registration in order to be anonymous. Reporting violations will put them under investigation by their registrars and help expose them.