Month: April 2020

Causes of Neck Pain and How to Overcome Them

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Causes of neck pain and how to overcome them. Usually, neck pain is not a serious condition and can be cured within a few days. However, in some cases, neck pain can indicate a serious injury or illness and requires medical treatment.

In addition, before you check with your doctor there is no harm in trying to treat your neck with the best neck traction devices in advance for more severe prevention.

Definition of Neck Pain

The neck consists of a spine that extends from the skull to the upper body. Bones, ligaments and neck muscles support the head, making it possible to move the head.
Neck pain or stiffness is a disease that is often experienced by many people.
In many cases, this happens due to poor posture. Sometimes, neck pain is also caused by injuries due to falls.

Risk Factors for Neck Pain

Anyone can actually experience neck … Read More

Best Tips of Build an Effective CV

Even the cover letter is very important for your job application, the first document that recruiters will see is the curriculum vitae. And the fact is that they only spend about 10 seconds on each CV they receive for every job offer. It is then important to submit a very catchy and highly relevant resume. For this purpose, you can follow these tips.

List your Professional Experiences the Right Way

The experience section is essential on a CV. You have to present it the best way because recruiters are likely to only look at it while sorting out all the resumes they receive. Put each company name and size, sector of activity, start date and end date of the contract, position held, tasks performed, results obtained, number of people you had under your responsibility, etc. It is recommended to visit CV Creator to find the most appropriate CV template that … Read More