Day: February 19, 2021

Upcoming Automotive Expertise

Many of the modifications occurring in the automotive market as we speak, including tightened credit score markets in a capital-intensive industry and increased government involvement are the newest international challenges. Cheap vehicles aren’t limited to small coupes and sedans. Yow will discover several low-price hatchbacks and SUV crossovers for less than $20,000. For those who need extra versatility out of your car, these hatchbacks and crossovers have extra rear cargo capacity than related-sized sedans. They’ll retailer a great quantity of stuff in your short trips to the beach and camping grounds.

In the nineteenth century, pure gasoline was primarily obtained as a by-product of manufacturing oil The small, gentle fuel carbon chains got here out of solution as the extracted fluids underwent strain discount from the reservoir to the surface, just like uncapping a delicate drink bottle the place the carbon dioxide effervesces The fuel was typically considered as a … Read More

Lincoln car wash cleans thousands, busiest day in weeks

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – One area business is having its busiest day in weeks as temperature in Lincoln reached the 20s on Thursday. With the pandemic, cleaning your car might be the last item on your to do list, but experts tell 10/11 NOW, it’s important to remember.

On days like Thursday, employees at JetSplash Car Wash can be spotted wearing light jackets and cleaning nearly 100 cars an hour.

“After all the cold weather we’re really busy today,” said Connor Eckhout, a team leader at JetSpalsh. “Everyone wants to get the salt off their car. We’ve been non-stop busy since we opened this morning and it’s definitely going to be like that through the weekend.”

The JetSplash crew said they can wash and towel dry more than 1,000 cars a day.

“We’re non-stop busy doing 120 cars an hour,” Eckhout said.

Those at JetSplash recommend getting your car cleaned

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Jay Leno’s Latest Final Season Appearance Features Shocking Character Arrest

Last Man Standing returned this week with another appearance from Jay Leno as the Outdoor Man mechanic Joe. This time, Joe and Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter competed against one another to find the next classic car they want to renovate. However, the episode took a very serious turn when Chuck (Jonathan Adams) was arrested for looking at a car just because he is Black. The episode also featured a storyline with Jen (Krista Marie Yu), Mandy (Molly McCook), and Kyle (Christoph Sanders).

“Lost and Found” started in an unusual way, with the Outdoor Man vlog at the beginning. Mike listed a few things that have only become worse thanks to modern technology. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Mike said. “Which is why I’m taking my own advice and ending this perfect vlog right here. Baxter out.” Just as he stopped filming, Ed (Hector Elizondo), Chuck (Jonathan Adams) and

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Top Automotive Lifestyle Brand Chemical Guys Unveils Two New Precision Paint Restoration Products That Work Together for a Fast-Acting, Flawless Shine

C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound, a fast-cutting paint correction compound, is designed to rapidly remove scratches and swirls, sanding marks, acid rain etching, holograms, and 1200-grit and finer sanding marks with both DA and rotary polishers, delivering maximum and instantaneous paint correction. The product’s unique, non-dusting formula utilizes consistent-cut technology to produce a smooth, even cut from start to finish for superior results faster and easier than achieved with traditional polishes or compounds. Depending on the paint type, C4 can be used as a standalone product to achieve amazing results.

P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish is the versatile, perfect follow-up to C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound, capable of correcting 2000-grit and finer sanding marks without dusting or leaving behind residue, making it especially easy to work with. By producing the

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Car dealers offering bonuses to fill jobs

LaFontaine Automotive Group dangled signing bonuses of up to $10,000 last month in a hiring blitz to woo candidates for key jobs across its Michigan footprint.

The attractive offer advertised on social media such as the dealerships’ Facebook pages and LinkedIn lured more than 900 applicants over 16 days in January. And it has resulted in 51 hires as of Friday, Feb. 5.

CEO Ryan LaFontaine said the hiring push comes amid growth within the past year as the retailer acquired two franchised dealerships, opened new body shops and expanded its used-only business. LaFontaine Automotive, with 22 stores and seven collision centers, has big aspirations in 2021 to sell nearly 45,000 new, used, commercial and fleet vehicles, up from nearly 31,000 last year.

“We only can do that with the right people,” LaFontaine said.

The Highland, Mich., company ranks No. 52 on Automotive News‘ list of the top 150

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Large automotive manufacturing plant to bring hundreds of jobs to Georgia

KB Autosys is set to bring a multi-million dollar manufacturing project to Georgia, Gov. Kemp announced Wednesday.

According to officials, KB Autosys is a brake pad supplier and will spend $38 million to build the company’s first U.S. advanced manufacturing facility in Meriwether County, Georgia.

The facility promises to create around 180 jobs. 

In a statement sent to FOX 5, Governor Kemp said: 

“This announcement is further proof of the success automotive companies find here in Georgia, especially as product demand has grown. KB Autosys’ decision to open their first U.S. manufacturing facility in the Peach State is a testament to the strength of the relationship our state has developed with our Korean partners. I thank KB Autosys for their investment, and most importantly, for creating jobs and opportunities for hardworking Georgians in Meriwether County”.

KB Autosys is based in Korea and supplies brake pads and

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