Day: June 7, 2022

Living the Dream: Ollie Wash fulfills Reames’ longtime goal | Features

Some kids desire of getting firemen, policemen, medical professionals or nurses.

He dreamed of possessing his possess car wash.

And in November 2019, he achieved his aspiration, opening Ollie Wash (named for 1 of his daughters) at 3850 Frederica St.

This yr, he broke ground on a next location in Henderson that really should open up in about a calendar year.

And Reames has a couple of other locations in the pipeline.

He and his spouse, Jamie, arrived to Owensboro from Kokomo, Indiana, in the slide of 2007, when they purchased the Owensboro Ease and comfort Keepers franchise.

In 2008, it was named Kentucky’s compact organization of the year.

“We bought into a Consolation Keepers franchise in Kokomo” as minority homeowners, Reames said, “but we wanted to own our possess. The closest we could get was in Owensboro.”

“We adore Owensboro,” Reames mentioned. “My dad is relocating here too.”


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Why car subscriptions are a key solution for the future of automotive

The automotive sector is currently being turned upside down. The regular distribution model involving the automaker, an importer and a dealership community is remaining replaced by direct distribution possibly by automaker-owned dealerships, pop-up shops, or digital gross sales.

In Norway, the average quantity of dealership visits when purchasing a car has gone from four to 1.1. The conclusion is now created at house, on the couch seeing carwow evaluations on YouTube.

Europe is turning electric powered, and the progress is rapid. EU lawmakers a short while ago backed a new proposal correctly banning the gross sales of new gasoline and diesel cars starting up in 2035.

We ought to swiftly turn the buyer towards EVs. The good thing is, there is a supplementary business enterprise product for automakers that thrives in this room: car subscriptions.

This product also suits the present day purchaser properly. Younger generations are utilized to subscribing

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Eight cars with royal names | Axon’s Automotive Anorak


The Regal nomenclature has graced a pair of really diverse cars, neither of which had been incredibly correct to use this kind of a grandiose badge. The Buick Regal was commercially the extra profitable of the two Regals, this remaining a sequence of mid-sized ‘upscale’ family members saloons, 1st introduced by Typical Motors (GM) in 1973, and jogging by way of 4 different generations right up until 2004. American Tv set detective Kojak famously drove a tatty brown Regal sedan in this 1970s display, with Corgi Toys earning a preferred 1:43 scale product of the car, along with a miniature plastic Telly Savalas. The 2nd-era 1978-87 Buick Regal applied GM’s ‘A-body’ with the now highly collectable and cult-like Grand Nationwide GNX coupe centered on this Regal design.

Despite the fact that the Regal identify remained readily available in China as a Buick (GM’s most well-known brand in China), the

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As California Switches to Electric Cars, Thousands of Mechanics Will Lose Jobs

JR Automotive
Walter Preza works on a car at JR Automotive in San Francisco. Photo by Nina Riggio for CalMatters

The pungent odor of motor oil and grease wafts through the air at JR Automotive in San Francisco as Jesus Rojas lifts the hood of a 2014 Honda Civic to inspect its engine. 

Gasoline-powered vehicles like this one have hundreds of moving parts and other components that keep mechanics like Rojas busy. Rojas, 42, has spent much of his life refining the specialized skills needed to inspect and repair them. 

But as California switches to electric vehicles in its battle against climate change and air pollution, these skills will be needed less and less over the next decade. By 2040, the state projects that nearly 32,000 auto mechanics jobs will be lost in California, since electric vehicles need far less maintenance and repair than conventional combustion engines.

“I’m not against electric vehicles,”

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1933 Hispano Suiza J12 brings V-12 power to Jay Leno’s Garage

Hispano Suiza was a person of the finest automakers of the prewar era, and this 1933 J12 exemplifies why. Now section of California’s Nethercutt Assortment, it was not too long ago showcased on “Jay Leno’s Garage,” the place Jay Leno and Nethercutt Collection Vice President Cameron Richards reviewed what produced this car so exclusive.

The name Hispano Suiza is Spanish for “Spanish Swiss,” denoting the nationalities of the company’s two founders. Centered in Spain, Hispano Suiza started out out building cars in the early a long time of the 20th century, but gained prominence with its aero engines, which run World War I fighter planes. Jay basically has a 1915 Hispano Suiza driven by one particular of individuals engines in his selection.

1933 Hispano Suiza J12 on Jay Leno's Garage

1933 Hispano Suiza J12 on Jay Leno’s Garage


Right after the war, Hispano Suiza returned to creating cars, developing a V-12 specifically for automotive apps. Sitting beneath the

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