Car Income Packaging – Truth of the matter Lies and Tax Deductions

Introduction  Car Income Packaging can help you save some Australians countless numbers of bucks a


 Car Income Packaging can help you save some Australians countless numbers of bucks a year. However, as most suggestions supplied pertaining to car wage packaging is not accurate, some persons continue with car wage packaging even even though it is of  no benefit to them.

This report will assistance you distinguish concerning accurate tax suggestions and misleading internet marketing fluff, and assistance you make the right decision about how to structure your upcoming motor vehicle invest in.

I’m sure by the conclusion you will concur that tax suggestions should only be supplied by tax advisers.

 What is Car Income Packaging?

Car wage packaging is the place you direct your employer to shell out vehicle expenditures on your behalf, in its place of having to pay wages into your financial institution account right after deducting tax.

 It ordinarily operates the place your employer helps make payments on a novated lease. A novated lease will ordinarily entail each the car funding and working expenditures of the vehicle. In other text, your car expenditures are compensated by your employer and deducted from your shell out.

 In particular situations a tax benefit can crop up the place the tax payable on the packaged car payments is less than the tax payable on the wage payments.

 Will absolutely everyone benefit from Car Income Packaging?

 Not absolutely everyone will benefit from car wage packaging.

 The taxation final result of car wage packaging is dependent on a selection of variables which includes wage, expense of car, kind of employer, kilometres travelled and importantly Enterprise Usage.

 Regrettably, most documents that I have viewed drastically overstate the taxation rewards of wage packaging a vehicle because of to inaccurate assessment.

 What is even far more disturbing is that the entrepreneurs of the leasing and motor vehicle businesses know that their documents drastically overstate the taxation rewards of Income Packaging a vehicle – and they still continue on to use them as a internet marketing instrument to provide leases and vehicles.

 If you are examining a doc that is projecting a taxation saving, and the doc includes a disclaimer with text to the influence of ‘Our employees/business are not experienced/certified to give taxation suggestions. For Taxation suggestions remember to see your accountant’ – alarm bells should commence ringing! An illustration disclaimer from a single of Australia’s most significant wage packaging advisory companies’ internet websites:

 “Notes & disclaimers

  • The (I have removed the business name as my authorized advisors are previously overworked) calculator is only developed to give an estimate of the cost savings you may perhaps realize and is not supposed as a substitute for experienced suggestions. It is proposed that you request experienced financial suggestions in advance of making any decisions pertaining to your wage deal.
  • All calculations are based on particular profits tax rates and thresholds for the 2009/10 financial year.”

  Example of no taxation benefit

 There are lots of instances when car wage packaging will make a taxation benefit.

 There are just as lots of instances when car wage packaging will not make any taxation benefit!

 I when acted for a client who introduced me a doc suggesting that he would help you save near to $10,000 for every year wage packaging a vehicle. He was a sales rep leasing a 4wd vehicle. When I place his unique situations into our firm’s application, it explained to me he would get hold of no taxation benefit from car wage packaging.

 This acquired my attention and promptly I assumed that our calculator was incorrect. Soon after conference with the operator of the leasing small business who issued the doc to our client (the operator of the leasing small business was not incompetent when it came to tax, his background was as a tax adviser). Through our conference it became very clear that our calculators have been calculating distinctive issues due to the fact we had distinctive demands.

 Our calculator was developed to recommend a client as to whether they would get hold of a taxation benefit from wage packaging a car… or not.

 Their calculator was developed only to assistance provide automobiles. It didn’t take into account the taxation deduction that our client could previously get hold of through his tax return!

 Car Income Packaging vs Motor Vehicle Allowance

 To accurately calculate the taxation benefit of car wage packaging, it is essential to take into account any tax deduction that you would previously be entitled to assert in your tax return.

 In your tax return you can assert up to 5000 kms of travel, without having a logbook (it does want to be real small business relevant travel). However, if you preserve a log e-book you are in a position to assert the small business share of your precise car expenditures.

 Employers are in a position to reimburse their workforce for motor vehicle expenditures that relate to small business use by having to pay workforce a motor vehicle allowance. This allowance is effectively profits to the personnel in their tax return.

 An personnel can then assert a tax deduction for their essentially small business motor vehicle expenditures in their tax return, pursuant to taxation regulation.

 You can not assert motor vehicle expenditures in your profits tax return if you wage deal the vehicle. Hence, this amount of money should be deducted from the projected tax saving for car wage packaging. It seldom is.

 Talk to the right question or get the incorrect answer

 The question to question when contemplating car wage packaging is not “in isolation how much tax will a unique process of wage packaging help you save me?”

 That what most misleading wage packaging estimates venture.

 The correct question is, “What is the tax benefit of wage packaging, as opposed to any other alternative accessible to me, which includes proclaiming my car expenditures in my tax return?”.

 That is not the question currently being answered by most wage packaging internet marketing businesses.

 The desk below is taken from a single of Australia’s most significant wage packaging advisory website’s on-line calculators.

Savings – Novated lease With out Income Packaging

Yearly gross wage

$seventy five,000.00

Taxable profits

$seventy five,000.00

Considerably less PAYG tax


Considerably less Medicare Levy


Acquire-property shell out

$fifty seven,525.00

Car Lease Price (Soon after Tax)


Disposable profits


With Income Packaging

Yearly gross wage

$seventy five,000.00

Car Offer Price(Ahead of Tax)


Taxable profits


Considerably less PAYG tax


Considerably less Medicare levy


Acquire-property shell out

$47,782.ninety three

Car Offer Price (Soon after Tax)


Disposable profits

$forty three,656.eighty three

Your Income Packaging Advantage

Your saving off the Motor Vehicle Lease by Income Packaging is:


{3ab7c693efb495afa9cfa5ed3bae9ca6a83fc9331ececd25f4b8df6798b4d127} Maximize in your equal wage packaging:


This web-site has advised me that I could help you save $five,436.95 in tax by acquiring a new car as a result of them.

 Sound way too superior to be genuine?

 It is potentially.

 The web-site did not question me if I had any small business use for the vehicle. If I did, I would be entitled to a tax deduction for that use only if I do not wage deal it through a novated lease. Hence, if I had any small business use, the saving projected is overstated. There are potentially other things that would influence the final result as properly.

 To give correct assessment, you want to take into account the unique situations of the individual.

 You also want to answer the right question – what is the Benefit of Income Packaging?

 What info do you want to the right way analyse car wage packaging?

  • Taxable Earnings eg profits right after all tax deductions, wage packaging into Tremendous etc
  • Businesses FBT Status
  • Price of the car
  • GST on car
  • Running expenditures of car
  • Petrol
  • Coverage
  • Repairs & Upkeep
  • Rego
  • Finance expenditures for novated lease (payment, time period, residual, desire amount)
  • Charges involved with the novated lease
  • Finance expense of different finance (get car loan desire expense)
  • Full Kilometres
  • Enterprise Kilometres

 It is not possible to give accurate suggestions by simply asking for: annual gross wage, kind of vehicle, point out, distance travelled and a lease period of time.

 This assessment is sophisticated, and it is based on estimates. If the precise change – the tax placement may perhaps modify. There are various solutions for proclaiming expenditures in your tax return, as properly as quite a few solutions to calculate fringe rewards tax which differs dependent on the client’s situations.

 To give accurate suggestions, you want the entire picture and good calculator to assistance you.

 That’s why it is really value paying (say) $180 to see an accountant, alternatively than relying on cost-free suggestions currently being supplied by another person who is making an attempt to provide you finance and a vehicle.

 New Income Packaged Vehicle vs. Maintaining current car or truck

On lots of instances I have been questioned by consumers to evaluate the expense right after entirely accounting for the taxation placement of retaining an current vehicle/shopping for a 2nd hand vehicle and wage packaging a new vehicle.

 The simple fact is, there are no taxation miracles. Imagine you are evaluating wage packaging a vehicle which will expense $twenty,000 to operate for the year, with a vehicle that you previously individual that will only expense $five,000 to operate for the year.

 I cannot feel of any circumstance the place you will get a tax benefit that will exceed the out of pocket expense variance concerning the two vehicles.

 While something is possible, it is really unlikely that the out of pocket expense of a new vehicle is likely to be less than the expense of retaining your current car.


Most suggestions currently being distributed pertaining to car wage packaging is internet marketing fluff and not value the paper it is really written on.

 In my watch, most of the advertising for wage packaged vehicles is so misleading and misleading it warrants prosecution from the division of reasonable trading. But in truth, in contrast to defective merchandise, the shopper of wage deal suggestions will ordinarily not realise that they have been mislead into acquiring a wage packaged car which does not make them any taxation saving at all.

 If you want to make a smart decision, study the disclaimer and get tax suggestions from a experienced accountant in advance of you continue with car wage packaging… and don’t sign something until you do!

 While this report has highlighted the inaccuracy of most wage packaging suggestions, there are lots of Australians who can get hold of a tax benefit from wage packaging! Illustrations consist of persons with very low small business use and higher salaries acquiring reasonably priced automobiles which travel higher kilometres, and workforce of organisations that enjoy diminished FBT rates.