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SIAM hosts 15th Styling & Design Conclave and 13th Automotive Design Challenge | India Education,Education News India,Education News

New Delhi: In its bid to strengthen the automotive sector in the new normal, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) hosted its 15th Styling & Design Conclave on 19th February 2021 virtually. With the theme “Influence of the New Normal on the Future of Automotive Design”, the conclave witnessed leading experts from automotive sector to deliberate upon the industry’s need to reimagine design capabilities as per the new normal.

The virtual conclave also had select presentations from the Automotive Design Challenge (ADC) 2020 from design students, depicting new ideas on the future of automotive design. The challenge has been an outstanding initiative by SIAM presenting a platform to the aspiring automobile designers to showcase their talent and capitalize on the opportunities for future.

The theme session had leading luminaries from the sector highlighting holistic and collaborative efforts of the industry players in reinventing product design and operations whilst pioneering design

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Modern Lancia Stratos Zero Rendered by Cyberpunk 2077 Car Designer Looks Sharp

Five decades after the 1970 Stratos Zero concept earned itself a spot in the automotive design hall of fame, Pawel Breshke Czyzewski, the digital artist in question, has paid homage to the Italian creation via the supercar showcased in these renderings, which also draws inspiration from the Stratos HF that trailed the Zero concept by one year.

As the designer, whose work we’ve featured in the past, explained to us in an email, this project envisions a supercar that could become a halo vehicle for Lancia rather than strictly reinterpreting the Stratos Zero, so the label found in the tile above is our view rather than that of its creator.

Launched on December 10 last year, the open-world RPG that is Cyberpunk 2077 involves over 60 cars, motorcycles, and heavy-duty/utility vehicles, with the vast majority of these having been styled by the Polish designer.

And once the long hours of

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Lamborghini-inspired automotive designs that capture the brand’s fierce spirit!

When it comes to luxury sports cars, Lamborghini is always at the top of the list! For decades, the automobile manufacturer has got our heart racing with its menacing Automotives and their ingenious designs. From the original Lamborghini 350 GT to its latest  SUV -the Lamborghini Urus, each and every model has been high on innovation, authenticity, and of course killer speed. Their cars have been a source of major inspiration for automobile designers and enthusiasts all over the world! The result? A never-ending plethora of Lamborghini-inspired concepts that’ll have you itching for more. These groundbreaking concepts will have you wishing that Lamborghini adopts and turns them into a reality very soon!

Meet the E.V.E. Countach, a Lamborghini with strong Back To The Future vibes. Envisioned by Khyzyl Saleem, the car comes designed for the year 2090 and packs airless tires, DeLorean-style thrusters that lead me to believe the car

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Novelis Debuts New Aluminum for Automakers

Novelis Inc. has announced its strongest automotive aluminum product to date, Novelis AdvanzTM 7UHS-s701. The technologically advanced, ultra-high-strength material is now available commercially to the global automotive industry.

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The product offers lightweighting potential of up to 40% over existing ultra-high strength, hot-formed steel solutions. It is designed for safety-critical structural applications in passenger vehicles that require high in-service strengths such as A and B pillar reinforcements and side impact door beams. Commercial vehicles and electric vehicles will also benefit from using this material, as it offers mass reduction to enable increased payload and longer battery range, while still meeting all crash, loading and overall design requirements.

“The s701 technology represents the future of high-strength material in automotive applications and offers a clear alternative to the most advanced high-strength steel products,” said Philippe Meyer, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Novelis Inc. “Aluminum is already

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Novelis debuts ‘ultra-high-strength’ aluminum – Recycling Today

Aluminum scrap continues to enjoy strong demand as of mid-February, with one trader who’s based in the Midwest saying primary mills are actively buying on the spot market. He says that is different than in the recent past, when these mills purchased much of their scrap based on contracts.

He attributes the increased spot buying in part to primary mills determining that the spreads in recent years did not make it advantageous to engage in contracts. “Demand is pretty strong as well,” he adds.

The trader says even secondary mills are offering more for aluminum scrap. “That tells me housing starts and automotive are strong,” he says.

One potential concern for aluminum producers and the scrap dealers who supply them is the automotive production problems that have arisen because of the semiconductor shortage. In 2020, the automotive industry experienced fluctuations in production and demand related to the pandemic, reducing its

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These automotive designs doubling up as planters are the surreal future in an after-pandemic new normal

COVID-19 totally shook up our world, it obliterated life as we know it, forcing us to rethink our way of living. Life in a pandemic is a unique adventure (let’s be positive) that unfolds new lessons and experiences every day, life after pandemic? – I wonder what that will be like. Designer Nicolas Abdelkader envisions what the post-pandemic world could be like, and he has proposed an innovative project for it – “The Urgency To Slow Down”. The Urgency To Slow Down is basically a collection of photos featuring “augmented planters”, wherein our means of transportation such as planes, ships, cars and etc double up as planters, and are able to hold trees, plants, shrubs, and basically greenery of any sort! He imagines a world wherein walking and bicycles are our preferred means for traveling from one location to another, and in such a world these Automotives are rendered useless!

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