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How to Properly Clean a Luxury Car

Luxury CarWhether or not you are the form to consider your luxury car to the specialists as soon as a month to get it in depth and polished, or you choose and get pleasure from cleaning it on your own, there will normally be periods when you have no decision due to the fact of an accidental coffee spill or close by construction protected your car with dust or it will just be as well long in typical ahead of you can get to the auto spa and you simply cannot depart your car soiled.

No matter what the rationale, because, like most luxurious car owners, you deal with your car correct by holding it in perfect operating buy, driving it responsibly and applying luxury valet parking in Toronto when it is out there, you are heading to make certain to clear it thoroughly with the care it justifies. Trying to

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Seattle’s Elephant Car Wash sign to be considered for landmark status

The famous bubble gum pink and neon Elephant Car Wash sign could become a permanent fixture in downtown Seattle.

On July 6, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Board will consider the sign for landmark status.

When the Elephant Car Wash on Battery Street near Denny Way closed in 2020, community members, the Museum of History & Industry and developers weighed in on what to do with two iconic signs originally installed in 1956.

The car wash’s larger sign was donated to MOHAI, against the wishes of a neighborhood preservationist group, and the smaller sign, now being considered for landmark status, was donated to Amazon.

The sign is undergoing restoration in a South Seattle studio, according to the application for landmark designation. The proposed plan calls for the sign to be placed in an open plaza near the northeast corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street with a plaque marking it

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Manistee County Young Life to host car wash July 3

Photo of Michelle Graves

MANISTEE — Manistee County Young Life is planning a car wash from noon-4 p.m. on July 3 at the Armory Youth Project located at 555 First St.

Young Life is accepting donations, and all proceeds go toward helping fund summer camp scholarships for local youth.  

“The Young Life camps are a fun and exciting experience that no one ever forgets and we want to ensure anyone who

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XL Video: Why You Never Let Your Friend With A Mining Excavator “Help” You Wash Your Car

XL Video: Why You Never Let Your Friend With A Mining Excavator “Help” You Wash Your Car

I’m back to provide another valuable public service to our readers. I am here to provide you some guidance, advice, and life wisdom that could really come in handy someday. I realize that most of us have friends who own massive pieces of mining equipment and often want to use that equipment to help us perform mundane chores. This video is proof that not all of that help is good help.

Let’s say that your neighbor sees you washing your car and says, “Hey friend! Listen, I have this humongous mining excavator over here with a bucket that’ll hold about 2,000 gallons of water. Let’s say I just fill ‘er up, raise the bucket a few storied above your car and then release an

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SOS: No video is finally no problem; Mister Car Wash pays for car damage | Just Ask Us

The issue for Steve Maerz was simple enough: It would be in Mister Car Wash’s interest to prove that the damage to Maerz’s vehicle occurred prior to its entering the company’s South Side Madison car wash.

That such damage had not been previously in existence was maybe why the Tucson, Arizona-based company was refusing to show him the video it claimed to have of the car’s visit that day — video it subsequently claimed was later deleted.

Maerz, 58, of Madison, said his 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee came out of the Mister Car Wash on Park Street with dents and scratches on the driver’s side quarter panel near the wheel well, looking as if “something circular and about 5 inches in diameter struck the car at high velocity while spinning.”

“I don’t want to use my vehicle insurance for this damage because the repair

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How to deter car thieves on a budget

The global provide lack caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has put a pressure on the new car current market for almost two yrs now, but that is not the only knock-on effect. A lack of car parts has led to a rise in car thefts in the British isles – as we not too long ago noted on The Car Qualified, automobile thefts in Britain in the very last twelve months have surpassed 90,000.

Your car is very likely to be one particular of the most valuable issues you have, so what methods should you take to protect it against criminals? In truth of the matter, the most successful means to deter criminals can be pretty costly, this sort of as storing your car in a locked garage or fitting an high priced security camera to the aspect of your home, owing to the myriad of problems they trigger

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