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The Regal nomenclature has graced a pair of really diverse cars, neither of which had been incredibly correct to use this kind of a grandiose badge. The Buick Regal was commercially the extra profitable of the two Regals, this remaining a sequence of mid-sized ‘upscale’ family members saloons, 1st introduced by Typical Motors (GM) in 1973, and jogging by way of 4 different generations right up until 2004. American Tv set detective Kojak famously drove a tatty brown Regal sedan in this 1970s display, with Corgi Toys earning a preferred 1:43 scale product of the car, along with a miniature plastic Telly Savalas. The 2nd-era 1978-87 Buick Regal applied GM’s ‘A-body’ with the now highly collectable and cult-like Grand Nationwide GNX coupe centered on this Regal design.

Despite the fact that the Regal identify remained readily available in China as a Buick (GM’s most well-known brand in China), the identify plate was retired in the Usa in 2004, only to return 7 many years afterwards on a badge-engineered edition of the Opel (Vauxhall) Insignia. This model is however currently being marketed in China, but was withdrawn from all North American markets in 2020 when GM offered its Opel-Vauxhall marques to the PSA Team (now Stellantis). 

The other Regal that pre-dates the Buick was a modest Reliant three-wheeler, first introduced in 1952, with the Regal title remaining with Reliant right until 1973 when the Regal MK VI was replaced by the Robin. It was a large accomplishment by Reliant criteria, almost 600,000 Regal a few-wheelers have been marketed.


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