Geariodic Table Of Colors Presents The Car World’s Most Iconic Hues

We know you want to repaint that spare bedroom British Racing Green.

It’s no surprise national racing colors have long been a staple in the automotive world. British Racing Green, Italian Racing Red, and German Racing Silver are all apparent. However, the spectrum of well-known colors in the automotive world is much more nuanced than the classic national shades. In a related article, automotive retailer Peter Vardy released an entire periodic table of paint colors associated with manufacturers’ vehicles.

While white and silver can often be associated with less extravagant vehicles, there’s more than what meets the eye. There have been legends in the automotive space dressed in silver paintwork like the McLaren F1 and the R34 Nissan GT-R. Another honorable mention is Aston Martin for its Silver Birch color. 

With such a spectrum of colors on display, we were a bit surprised to see that gray is the

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Wildest Stolen Car Stories On Motorious

Stealing an enthusiast’s car is like taking away a piece of their soul. The disgusting criminals who commit these auto thefts have no regard for the blood, sweat, and tears that go into most classic and muscle car builds, restorations, or just upkeep. When a collector car is stolen, so is time, money, and heart from the owner, making the crime just a little bit worse when it happens to a gearhead. Here are some of the most memorable car thefts we’ve reported on.

Why not kick things off on a positive note, well, as positive as they can get when someone steals a classic car from a war Veteran. Curly Bunfill had hist 1956 Cadillac Eldorado stolen from his locked garage on January 17, 2020, and it was anonymously returned to the Sacramento Police Department. After the car was returned, 43-year-old James King was arrested in connection with the … Read More

Flashback In This Low-Mileage 1985 Avanti II

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These cars were produced for 20 years, but this could be the nicest one around.

Studebaker only produced its Corvette-fighting Avanti sports coupe for two years before the car’s South Bend, Indiana assembly plant closed in 1963. For many cars, this would have been the end of the line, but in fact, this design and the Avanti name were resurrected in 1965 through 1985 as the Avanti II and from 1986 through 2006 as the Avanti. Marking the end of the line for the original Studebaker-based model, this 1985 Avanti II has survived the years in excellent condition in the care of a former Studebaker employee, and it’s currently being sold through Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery

Image Credit: Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery

With just over 10,000 miles showing on the odometer, this 1985 Avanti II has to be

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Land Rover Defender Classic Models Go Electric, but at a Shocking Price

From Car and Driver

  • Twisted, a U.K.-based specialist in Land Rover modification, has turned its hand to electrifying the long-serving Land Rover Defender—not the new one, but any of the previous-generation models.
  • The Twisted conversion is available in the U.S., where there’ll be a special limited edition called the California.
  • The North American Specification Defenders will be available in three bright colors and at the top end, cost more than $200,000.

Being an early adopter of new technology tends to come at a high price, and that’s also true when it gets retrofitted into an old vehicle. While many will see the appeal of an EV version of the classic Land Rover Defender—the one that was last officially sold in the States in 1997—few will be able to contemplate one with a base price of $185,000. For those who can, it’s a rare opportunity to drive a classic with

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2021 Ford Bronco Reinvents a 4×4 Classic

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  • Ford is introducing three Bronco versions, a two- and four-door midsized SUV (covered here), and a small Sport model

  • The Bronco will be offered in seven trim levels with more 200 different components available to personalize and upgrade it. 

  • It has a removable top and doors. 

  • The Bronco will have a choice of two turbocharged engines: a 270-hp, 2.3-liter four-cylinder and a 310-hp, 2.7-liter V6. 

  • Prices start at $29,995.

Ford has resurrected one of its storied nameplates, the Bronco, to expand its SUV offerings as it shifts away from sedans. The Ford product onslaught is led by the small Bronco Sport later this year, to be soon followed by the midsized Bronco next year.

The automaker is positioning the Broncos to grab market share from Jeep by once again trying to outclass the brand at its own

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This LS-Swapped Toyota Celica Is Delicious Sacrilege

From Road & Track

Torrance, California is a place where Toyota used to be, and now isn’t. The company’s North American headquarters were based in Torrance from 1967 until 2016, when they were moved to Plano, Texas. The buildings are still there, but the signage is down, reduced to a few ghosted remnants that still read “Toyota,” when the light hits just right.

Kevin Huth’s 1973 Celica is also a place where Toyota used to be, and now isn’t, at least if you’re the sort who feels the engine is the defining identifier of a car brand. Huth, with fabrication help from Jesse Henke at JH Customs and sponsorship from automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer Edelbrock, took a stock Celica and made it into a retro-inspired racer with a modern American heart. Which is funny, ‘cause Huth and Henke are Canadian.

Never mind, I’m tying strings together here, where were we?

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