Passing the HGV Theory Test: 4 Tips to Help You Ace It the First Time

All that studying has taken so much time, you’ve put so much effort in, and now the big day approaches as your HGV theory test is now just around the corner. First of all, congratulations on learning to drive an HGV and displaying the hard work, skills, and strong handle on qualifications that you need to even get to this point. But maybe theory has you a bit worried. Does “theory test” break you out in a cold sweat?

There’s no denying it can be stressful. You might even be having flashbacks of those early driving tests when you know that you were thoroughly out of your depth. The good news is that your actual HGV theory test doesn’t have to be like that. Follow these tips to prepare and you’ll be positioned perfectly to ace it on the first go through!

Learn the Format Ahead of Time

Preparation matters and the first thing you can do to inspire confidence in yourself is to understand the setup so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected and unwanted surprises. Nailing the format is just part one of this process. This isn’t like a standard driving test, and you should be prepared for a long test.

There will be 100 multiple choice questions covering about everything under the sun when it comes to safely operating an HGV. There is a written test section all about safety and hazards, as well as 19 videos you will need to watch to spot 20 potential hazards. The videos come with another 100 multiple choice questions.

While this can feel really intimidating the good news is that by being ready for it, you won’t be nearly as overwhelmed and will be mentally prepared to nail the grind and hammer it through.

Take Advantage of Practice Tests

Very few things can help you prepared better than a good practice test with The LGV Training Company. This simulates the pressure of taking a test, the format, and puts you in a great position to be ready for whatever challenges you might run into. Things are also always the most nerve-wracking the first time through. By taking a practice test you eliminate that initial nervousness.

Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself to one. Take two or three, whatever it takes for you to get fully comfortable with the gruelling and challenging aspects of the test so you’re not nervous about the setup when it actually counts. There are many different practice tests out there that simulate the types of questions you might run into, all set up in the challenging style you can expect.

And there’s no record of the test scores on the practice tests, as well as no limits to how many you can take. So there’s no reason to worry about limiting yourself. Take advantage of these until you can go into the theory test fully confident about what to expect when the real one comes around.

Hazard Perception Is Challenging

Hyundai Set to Launch Hydrogen-Powered HGV

At the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicle show based in Hanover, Germany, Hyundai will launch a large lorry driven by a fuel cell of clean hydrogen – hoping to steal a march on forthcoming eco-friendly models from Tesla and Daimler.

Image Credit

The Advantages of Hydrogen

Long-distance heavy vehicles are suited to using hydrogen, unlike 100 per cent electric vehicles, which have range limits and a long refuelling time. The battery also degrades. Hyundai, however, anticipates that its fleet of trucks will be able to go 400km on a single fuel stop.

Hyundai also claims that switching to hydrogen vehicles will preserve the jobs of component manufacturers – the required parts can be made by existing suppliers (unlike vehicles powered by battery).

The Scientific Basis

Hydrogen cars and trucks are basically electric vehicles, with their wheels are directly powered by electric motors. The difference is that they have a hydrogen fuel cell stack – a generator on board which uses pressurised hydrogen gas for power.

Image Credit

As the fuel cell can be filled in a moment, eliminating the lengthy charge times of electric cars, it enables zero-emissions clean motoring. It’s not all plain sailing as yet, however, because in the UK there are only a few filling stations that cater for hydrogen vehicles.

Hyundai’s Previous Form

The South Korean company launched the Tucson Fuel Cell (the first mass-produced hydrogen car in the world) in 2013. However, it has only sold just over 1,000 vehicles since then. Meanwhile, following the launch in 2014 of its Mirai hydrogen car, Toyota has sold nearly 7,000 of the vehicles.

HGV Insurance is necessary if you have a fleet of vehicles. You can look online for HGV insurance.

The Financial Times investigates the new vehicle here:

What It Will Look Like

We have an idea of what to expect when this HGV finally arrives for sale. Classic Hyundai styling – with blue accents on top of an aerodynamic grille – will apply to this HGV truck, as it does to the brand’s cars; in addition, the new truck boasts made-over eco underpinnings.

According to Hyundai, the geometric grille design symbolises hydrogen. The side body features similar patterns. The look is polished off by wheel trims which are aerodynamic, and there is a side protector which contributes to the truck’s sleek looks and efficiency.…

The Top Car Shipping Things to Know and Understand

You can choose two different types of trailers to ship your car, open or closed. Open trailers typically or cheaper, however, they can suffer a lot of weather damage, are exposed to theft and will endure a lot of debris. For those cars that are placed on open trailers, they are secured mainly by chains. If you go with a enclosed car transportation company, they often will use net chains or nylon straps. This is good in case your vehicle experiences any damage. You should always be weary of any car shipping service that uses chains that dropped on their vehicles. What most don’t understand is that the chains are often place on a vehicle’s axle which then places a certain amount of pressure on a car when they are tightened. When the chains are loosened, the cars are being bounced against one another for the entire journey. This includes bouncing up and down due to every bump and pothole on the road. Enclosed car transportation trailers offer low clearance and lessen the chance of damage.


You have some people that don’t believe in reading reviews and find them to be a waste of time. Keep in mind, when you ship a car you are shipping many thousands of dollars. Your goal is to be looking for a car shipping company that you can trust. Utilize the industry’s national website to do research on the company’s safety record. Take these efforts a step further by asking for recommendations from family, local dealerships and friends. Another great place to check about a company’s background and read reviews are car forums. Many people will write detailed accounts of their experiences that you can learn from. Check out for your car shipping needs.


You should always be aware of auto transportation brokers when it comes to shipping your first car. If you are not familiar with what an auto transportation broker is, they are businesses that provide bids on your shipment to other companies or groups. If you decide to use an auto transportation broker service, you will find that you will be unaware of what are carrier or driver the deal is broker to. You may discover that they are using basic ramps that can cause damage, instead of a traditional hydraulic lift gate.


When shipping your car, it’s advised that you should never give a deposit when asked. This can be a huge red flag as many reputable car shipping companies will not require a deposit. You must pay them at both the pickup and drop off point for your destination. This stops you from worrying that you may not be in the right company’s hands. It protects all parties involved. It also allows you to cancel if you find the company a failed to meet your expectations. Car shipping with no problems are the best types of experiences to have. Do your research and you shouldn’t have an issue.…

5 reasons to avail Professional Auto Glass Repair Services

A car is much more than just a vehicle. It is a faithful companion in good times and bad. It is a trusted friend, the favourite mode of transportation. To keep our car in great condition, however, it is imperative that we undertake regular maintenance. While regular servicing is something that all vehicle owners understand, prompt repair or replacement for car glass damage by professionals is often ignored. This is a grave mistake as the car windscreen provides invaluable support and security. Here are some important reasons why you must avail professional help when it comes to auto glass repair:


Work with professionals to save recurrent expenses

In our country, we are likely to find auto shops in every part of the town and quite a few of them employ untrained or semi-trained repairmen. Going to one of these may save you a lot of money in terms of the auto glass repair or installation charges but this is far from being wise. Professionals are trained in auto glass repair and use Original Equipment (OE) glass for your car’s model and make. This prevents further need for repairs and damages caused by incorrectly installed car glass. This, in turn, saves quite a bit of expense towards car maintenance.

Delay in tending could turn dangerous

Drivers often choose to ignore minor damages to the windscreen and keep driving. This is a very unsafe and unwise decision. Small cracks and cuts on the car glass quickly spread and compromise the vision of the driver. They are also very vulnerable to damage with slight pressure or jolts. The best solution is to contact auto repair professionals like Windshield Experts as soon as possible. There you are likely to find the right advice about the kind of repair involved or need for replacement, if any. While at it, inquire about the Exide car battery price if you haven’t gotten it replaced in 3-4 years.

Experts will handle Insurance

“I am not sure if my insurance covers car glass repair”. This is one of the most common concerns of vehicle owners. A thorough examination of your auto insurance policy and its terms will reveal if car glass repair and replacement are covered by your insurance policy. Professional auto repair establishments will examine the extent of the damage, and advice you about the nature of repair and the cost involved before setting out to do the job. They will also handle the insurance claim for the expenses if coverage exists.

Add-on features may require recalibration

Car windshields these days come with a variety of add-on features. Some of these include small packs such as rain sensors that are attached to the windshield itself. There are others such as electrochromic mirrors and lane departure warning systems that may be a bit more high-tech. Any damage to the car glass, even a minor one, may cause these to malfunction. Many of these require recalibration or replacement when the car windshield is repaired or replaced. Only an auto

Tint works is the trusted identify in automobile window tinting

Do you need newest design blinds for maintaining with immediately’s window style? Avtech Window Tinting has grown over the years because of our dedication to our prospects. Bj’s timber flooring has been imparting quality wooden flooring in perth for over 50 years. For less expensive power electrical energy gasoline suppliers carriers in. Carbon power professional works with better than 5 perth based totally energy (gasoline & electricity) providers distributors in perth. I was given nice assistance in arranging my window tinting needs from session to the finished product. Tint works is the trusted identify in automobile window tinting in perth, wa, & adelaide, sa. Our excellent solutions are good in opposition to dangerous uv rays. Our Window Tinting Perth film increases privacy, security and safety (makes glass shatter proof) and helps block heat from your home or office without curtains.

Explaining the pricing of varied automotive window tint choices is, unusually sufficient, tougher than detailing how window movie works. At the friday before the convention, perth will not only host the staggering gala dinner on the asiapacific local conference from 7oo pm, but also a number of. Cube modular houses perth. Window Tinting Perth Tint-a-Home We offer Home, Workplace and Automobile tinting together with security and anti graffiti movies supplied by C.P. Add your Chat Room to your Web site, Blog or Social network profile.

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Get a quote for all of your window tinting needs whether or not house, auto, or enterprise in fort myers, naples, cape coral, bonita springs and all of southwest florida. Welcome to scottsdale window tint… Arizona automotive and truck window tinting specialists for over 20 years! Why switch close by and nimble, perth strength can tailor a plan to your genuine wants our annual tariff overview ensures you’re normally getting the best deal. Ultimate automobile window tinting nationwide coverage by professionally trained installers, all offering a pleasant service, with high quality, value for cash installations.

Explaining the pricing of varied automotive window tint options is, unusually sufficient, tougher than detailing how window film works. On the friday earlier than the convention, perth will not solely host the staggering gala dinner on the asiapacific local convention from 7oo pm, but in addition a lot of. Cube modular homes perth. Window Tinting Perth Tint-a-Home We offer Home, Office and Automotive tinting including safety and anti graffiti films supplied by C.P. Add your Chat Room to your Website, Weblog or Social network profile.…

Simple Tips For HGV drivers To Stay Alert And Awake On The Road

More than a fifth of the fatal accidents that occur on the road are believed to be caused by people driving while they are too drowsy. Typically, these accidents occur during the middle of the night when most people are used to being asleep. Accidents involving driver fatigue usually tend to be quite severe. In rural areas, the statistics are even worse, with close to a third of the crashes that involve one vehicle being caused by fatigue.

There is a common misconception that fatigue only affects drivers who travel long distances. In fact, however, accidents can occur even if you are only driving for a short period of time. Driving doesn’t generally cause people to get tired. Instead, they tend to fall asleep because their bodies are already exhausted from not getting enough sleep, working too many hours, or because they suffer from an untreated medical condition. Sleep is essential. If you aren’t getting enough, your body will force you to sleep to get the rest you need. If you are behind the wheel when that happens, it can be devastating.

Here is a guide from the about how to stay alert and keep fatigue at bay.

Check Your Sleep Schedule

One of the most obvious causes of fatigue is not getting an adequate amount of sleep. The amount of sleep required to feel rested can vary from one person to another. Certain people can get by on as little as five hours of sleep, while other people need as much as eight or nine hours of sleep to feel rested. Listen to your body and figure out the optimum amount of sleep. Once you know how much sleep you need, take steps to make sure that you get at least that much each night. When you are sleeping well at night, you are far less likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

Focus On Nutrition

Eating nutritious food can help you sleep better at night. Unfortunately, long-distance drivers tend to eat a lot of food that is bad for them. Pay attention to your diet, focusing on making healthy choices. Be sure that you drink plenty of water, as well, so that your body stays hydrated. In most cases, improving your diet will have the added benefit of helping you sleep better at night. It will also give you more energy during the day. Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats to give your energy levels a boost.

Stick To A Schedule

Drivers often become sleepy or overly tired when they are driving during the time that they would normally be asleep. The human body tends to fall into well-defined sleeping patterns. Once your pattern is in place, it can be difficult to break out of it. For example, if you typically drive during the day, you may find it difficult to stay awake when driving at night. Alternatively, if you are used to working through the night, you …

The Convenience of Portable Restrooms and How to Manage Them

A portable restroom is an ideal solution for companies with a lack or shortage of bathroom facilities. The problem could be that the current restroom facilities in an older building aren’t up to code or safe to use. Alternatively, a flood in the primary restroom could have put them out of action until the plumbing issue is resolved.

Event Management

For events that run for a week or more, having a portable restroom facility that can be driven into the location, set up for the customer and left in position is a perfect solution. Some of the latest restrooms come with their own themed designs that the customer can choose between and are well-managed. For events on behalf of companies and big brands, the restrooms facilities must match their standards of quality and, obviously, hygiene too.

When using a portable service, the restroom is delivered and collected at the end of the event. For longer duration events, Satellite restroom trucks are used to drive in, hook up to the portable restroom, collect waste product and drive away to dispose of the collected materials. This way, the washroom facilities can continue operating uninterrupted and the event is not disrupted.

Specialized Vacuum Trucks for Portable Restrooms

Not every vacuum truck is appropriately kitted out to facilitate the portable restroom industry. Indeed, they must be retrofitted to provide the right collection facilities for this growing industry. There is the Ford MD 950 and short Peterbilt trucks that fit the bill with specialized providers creating modified loadouts and fittings for these trusted truck models and brands.

It’s not possible to use a regular truck for this purpose, or another type of older vacuum truck that hasn’t been both designed and fitted appropriately for the tasks involved. Only the right type of vacuum truck will do.

Choosing the Right Portable Restroom

Companies that are hiring the portable restroom are well advised to consider both how many restrooms they’ll want and the size of each facility. The queue for the women’s restroom is inevitably longer in most cases, so there’s an argument to offer a larger washroom facility for women if the attendees are expected to be roughly an even mix of men and women.

Using a portable restroom facility is becoming increasingly commonplace. Whether it’s to offer a better-quality washroom experience outside of the temporary offices when the current facilities are insufficient or because the event location doesn’t have any washrooms at all, it’s become an essential part of the planning process to organize these services. When they’re situated in the same spot for a period or are expected to get frequent use, then arranging for a vacuum truck collection and disposal service run is necessary too. The last thing you want is to have rented washrooms and fail to consider that they need the waste product removed on a regular basis for good sanitation and to ensure the washroom can continue to operate. Not doing so would completely defeat the purpose.

Auto Tint

Window Tint, the probabilities of glass breakage occurring subsequent to the applying of a window tint are very small. In case you choose the high efficiency metalized sputtered or deposition movies it can price you some further bucks, however, you will not remorse once you get the most effective results, along with sturdiness and usability.

We publish useful articles and data so to make a knowledgeable determination when tinting your own home, car or business. Depending on their materials, window shades may not block UV rays effectively and may actually fade or crack from solar exposure.

A tint cannot be any more reflective than a traditional window, regardless of the darkness of its tint. Any type of credible window tinting enterprise will certainly have certainly one of these meters, and likewise, I am positive will certainly examine your glass for no price.

You should use the scraper blade to firmly adhere the tint to the window itself. Window Tint doesn’t have to be confined to large home windows with views of expansive landscapes. Manufacturing unit tint solely rejects part of the UV rays, and solely rejects a small amount of warmth.

Comprehensive window tinting guides with critiques of the leading automotive tint & home window tinting brands. Tint services will help you scale back the harmful effects of the sun while sustaining the light Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida transparency of glass. The cost of house window tinting is dependent on your specific tinting wants, akin to the type of window tinting film and the variety of home windows in your house.

Window tinting is an economical answer for keeping your private home effectively-insulated, offering your family with some a lot-needed privacy and ensuring that interior furnishings are not pale by UV radiation. As talked about, value-efficient methods are additionally efficient in setting darkish or light tinting on the glass.

Our tint films are specifically designed for your country conditions, with our scorching Summer season temperatures and high UV levels. If you’re wishing to spice Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida up the look of your car and likewise defend its look then house window color is merely what your automobile wants!

Usually, the dealers of window tint give the warranty of a 12 months or so. Throughout this period they might change or repair the broken tint. The window tint services must be prevented particularly when you’ve got no encounter mounting window tints as a result of often instances they result in air bubbles and likewise a color.…

Buying the Truck you need!

Trucks can be used for all different types of work from construction to moving. When it comes to buying a commercial truck, there are a few things you need to know about. commercial trucks for sale online are the best way to find out the best prices for what you are looking for. There are a ton of different websites you can go to search for a commercial truck, depending on what you are looking for. Size is a determining factor when it comes to the price of the truck as well as the condition and mileage. Commercial trucks do need certain requirements before you purchase and operate them, depending on the size of the trucks.

Image result for Buying the Truck you need!


Some of the major things to look for when buying a commercial truck is the amount of miles on the truck. You may get a good price for a truck with a lot of miles on it but if you are starting a new business venture, you may want to invest in a truck with less miles. You don’t want to have to buy another commercial truck month after purchasing your first one, because you bought a cheaper truck that broke down on you. The next thing to factor in, is the amount you will be moving daily. If you are starting a moving company or a construction company, you will need to purchase a commercial truck that can hold a heavy load compared to a commercial truck need for transporting other types of goods that may not be as heavy. 

Factoring in price to mileage ratio is a huge contributing factor to purchasing your first commercial truck. When checking local listings or online listings for commercial trucks, make sure that you check the mileage to the year of the truck. A perfect example being, if the truck is only a few years old but has been driven all over the country and the miles are high and so is the price, it may not be the best investment for you at this time. An older year with less miles can be a better investment and you can probably get it for cheap due to the age of the truck. 

Being able to operate a manual vehicle is a MUST. Commercial trucks after a certain size are all manual. The amount of horsepower it takes to move these trucks with the type of equipment in the back, can only be done manually. If you never drove a manual car before, I wouldn’t suggest trying to learn on your first commercial truck. Repairs for a commercial truck can be much more costly than a repair for a normal vehicle. It is best that you learn and follow the required training necessary to operate a commercial truck.

The last thing to remember is they can only be driven on certain highways that allow commercial vehicles. Some local roads or highways may forbid a commercial vehicle due to the height or low passing bridges. The last thing …

How to Get Auto Parts Cheap

Auto parts have the habit of costing more than your actual car. In some cases this has to do more with their location than actual cost, but there are some parts that carry a hefty price. This is why motorists all over the U.S. will get a little creative in how they find their replacement parts. Luckily, there are great ways to located cheap auto parts. Many of these strategies are used by legitimate sources such as independent auto shops, private-owned auto parts stores, and car restorers.

Image result for Auto Parts CheapHit the Junkyard
A junkyard is a great place to look for auto parts. It is also one of the cheapest options you can find. It does take a little work as you will need to plan ahead when paying a visit. A junkyard can be a complex operation, especially if you have to do the rooting yourself.

Some junkyards will do the searching for you while others make you root around yourself. The key to success is choosing a reliable junkyard that will give you a fair price. If you are going to look yourself make sure you bring the proper tools so you can extract the part. If the junkyard searches for you inspect the part once they find it. You want the part to be pristine and undamaged.

Buy a Junk Car

Finding a junk car version of your auto is a wise strategy and one used by auto restorers. Even though a car does not run it does not mean it has no value. Junk cars can be harvested for parts and often buying an entire vehicle is cheaper than purchasing that one part new.

Additionally, a junk car will also yield other parts for your car. So in the event that it has problems in the future you will already be prepared. Before you buy, however, make sure the car has the part you need. It is no use buying a junk car if it lacks any air conditioning hoses Tacoma WA., that you need for your car.


Online retail sites like eBay and Amazon have become great places to find cheap auto parts. The internet is also full of organizations and e-commerce platforms dedicated to locating used parts. Always take a look at the sellers ratings before doing business, and make sure you inspect the part upon receiving it. The wide net cast by the web makes buying parts online more reliable and offers you a better chance at success.


Mom and Pop auto parts stores can often times carry better prices than mainstream retailers, but if you time your visit right you may just luck into some value. Always be aware of any specials, coupons, or discounts your local auto parts stores have. If you find you auto part during any of these special occasions the value added may just make it the cheapest option. Not to mention independent auto parts stores can be negotiated with.…