Dana White Has Quite The Car Collection

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The UFC man collects more than just fight venues.

Being president of UFC comes with plenty of responsibilities as well as controversy, two things Dana White is very much familiar with. However, you might not be aware the man is also a big time car nut. His collection of vehicles is impressive.

Considering White is reportedly worth half a billion dollars, the man certainly has the means to get his hands on cars the rest of us only dream about driving, let alone owning.

Datsun B210

Photo credit: Facebook

Proving White has a slice of humility in him, the man has kept his first car, a budget-friendly Datsun B210. While it’s not super sexy or among the rarest rides in the world, the B210 is certainly worth something, although we’re willing to be for White the value is all sentimental.

1971 Plymouth

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